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An Introduction To The Bass Guitar - By Ollie Collins


New Second Edition

This book is ideal if:

  • If you are a beginner starting form scratch?
  • You want to improve your fingerboard and position knowledge/skills?
  • You want to learn to read standard notation?
  • You want to simply consolidate your fundamental knowledge?

Plus much more; Including an introduction to improvisation/ constructing your own basslines. Ear training, time keeping/ playing in time and technical dexterity.

The instruction, pieces and exercises in this bass tutor, provides every bassist with all the fundamental skills required to start playing bass in a band. Correct posture, basic left and right hand technique, scales, arpeggios, exercises, improvisation and ear training. Perhaps the usual contents that you would expect to find in a good tutor book. So what's so special about this publication?? Read on....

The learning ethos within these chapters aim to promote good musicianship without cutting any corners. The author has omitted the use of tablature because "playing by numbers" reduces the need to associate fret notes with letter/pitch names. This omission of fundamental knowledge always hinders the player's ability to understand the whole fingerboard and in turn, chords and arpeggios; The foundation of music.

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