Current Projects (updated 06/13)

Parlour Flames



Angie Palmer

Sax Assault





Year Artist/Band Album Title Contribution
2013 Parlour Flames Parlour Flames Bass Guitar on 2 Tracks
2012 Angie Palmer Old Sticks To Scare A Bird Bass Guitar, Double Bass & Vocals
2011 Big Finn Last 5 Minuites In Funland Bass Guitar, Double Bass & Vocals
2010 Badly Drawn Boy It's What I'm Thinking Pt.1 – Photographing Snowflakes Bass Guitar And Double Bass
2009 Badly Drawn Boy The Fattest Man In Britain Sound Track Bass Guitar And Double Bass
2009 Akoustrick Akoustrick Bass Guitars & Composer
2009 Ian Lang Whisper Bass Guitar & Double Bass
2009 Craig Owen Craig Owen Band Double Bass
2008 Angie Palmer Meanwhile, As Night Falls Bass Guitar & Double Bass
2007 Cherry Ghost A Thirst For Romance Bass on three tracks
2007 Dani Minoque He's The Greatest Dancer Bass Guitar
2007 Ollie Collins A New Direction artist, performer, writer, producer
2007 Big Finn Stand Up And Be Counted Bass, Double Bass & Sousaphone on 10 tracks
2007 Sax Assault Sax Of Gold Fretted & Fretless basses
2007 Jooks Soft Hands Bass On Two Tracks, fretted / fretless
2006 Angie Palmer Tales Of Light And Darkness Electric and acoustic bass
2006 The Wrong Humans Mettle Music Vibes Collection Fretless Bass, on "The Raven"
2005 Plus 4 When We Say Jump Acoustic Bass all tracks
2005 Rebelski Stickers On Keys Bass on "Little White Lines"
2004 Angie Palmer Road Acoustic and electric basses
2004 Big Finn Gold In A Brass Age Fender and Acoustic basses
2003 Mettle Music Moodswings Fender bass on 3 tracks
2003 Malana Malana Bass On Three Tracks
2003 Dave Walsh Melody Before Me Various Basses
2003 Holly Lerski Life Is Beautiful Fender bass, acoustic bass 3 tracks
2003 Mettle Music Destination Manchester Bass on tracks by Mettle Music and Melana
2003 Ollie Collins Make Time Last artist, performer, writer, producer
2003 Rebelski Rebelski 3 tracks electric and acoustic bass
2002 Matt Swindells Matt Swindells Bass On 3 Tracks
2002 Plus 4 Blue Notes Acoustic Bass all tracks
2002 BigFinn BigFinn Electric /acoustic basses
2002 Mettle Music Honeycomb Lounge Bass on 5 tracks
2002 Jersey Street After The Rain fretless /acoustic bass, 2 tracks
2001 Jersey Street Hold your head up high fretless bass
2000 The Elastic Band / La Gente Urbana - 2000 Blues / Osanyin  Electric Bass
2000 Galera New Year New Life Electric Bass
2000 Galera Maracatu / Jinga Electric Bass
2000 Moolah Face Like A Sink Electric Bass, Double bass, BVs
2000 Jersey Street Step In To The Light fretless /acoustic bass, 2 tracks
2000 Jersey Street How Can I Be Loved fretless bass
2000 Jersey Street Something's Going Down Fender bass
1999 Dean O'Shea Group Over The City Electric Bass, writer
1999 Galera New Year / Ano Nova Electric Bass
1999 Iconic Phare Turning The Tide Electric Bass, Chapman Stick, BVs
1999 Aziah Mather Without You Electric Bass




Ollie Collins Bass Player