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Ollie's Music

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Akoustrick 2008


£10:00 GBP including P&P


Nick Mellor - Guitar, Pete Hughes- Piano, Keys Ollie Collins - Bass Dave Walsh -Drums Lea Mullen - Percussion

1)       Highland Mile (Hughes)

2)       Cold Snap (Collins)

3)       Shades Of Django (Collins)

4)       The Story Of Us (Hughes)

5)       High Ace (Collins)

6)       Times We Had (Hughes)

7)       Hold On (Walsh)

8)       After The Rain (Collins)


2007 "A New Direction"

Ollie Collins A New Direction 2007 Album

Buy It Now


Featuring: Matt Steele, Rico Garofalo, Mark Warburton, Richard Kenyon, Matt Swindells, Jeremy Sassoon, Dave Stockwell and Lea Mullen.

Ollie, together with a carefully assembled group of musicians from Manchester and London has produced a brand of music, homing in on those experiences and influences.

Groups and artists such as Japan, Brand X, Thomas Dolby and Level 42 have always been a strong production reference for Ollie and in this record “A New Direction” these ideas have been coupled with a dash of “lead bass” style reminiscent of Larry Graham, Marcus Miller, Jaco Pastorius and Stanley Clarke.

All beautifully packaged with artwork and photographs produced by the artist.


A New Direction 5:56
Space Age 3:48
Passport De Funk 5:58
Airwaves 5:41
Trouble And Strife 5:12
Argyle  4:58
Sheer Karn 4:31
Bassology 6:26
Peace Of Mind 4:25
Downside Dub 3:35
Sanibel Island 5:23
Sheer Karn (Reprise) 5:02


2003 "Make Time Last"

Ollie Collins Make Time Last 2003

Ollie Collins Make Time Last Buy Album Now

Ollie Collins
    Intro 2:12
Pusher 5:55
Festival 5:58
High Ace 5:05
Shades Of Django 5:38
As Soon As 5:56
Ol's Funk Jam 4:37
Miss A Beat 9:33
Pastures New 5:29
Saved From A Rainy Day 7:09
King Pin 4:37
Bass Fishing 3:21
Make Time Last 6:22
Old District 4:33

All Tracks written and produced by Ollie Collins© 2002 Ollie Collins all rights reserved 
© Copyright-Ollie Collins(634479016660) Record Label: Bass Stop Music 

"I think it's a really good CD and I don't hear anything that I can criticise. The playing is very good, as are the compositions and arrangements. The array of basses from electric to acoustic and the variation in styles from picking to slapping were also very interesting I thought".

Percy Jones - Brand X

"On this record Ollie displays of wonderful technique on all the instruments. The compositions are very tasteful and technically compelling".

Nick Beggs - Bass and Stick player with Ellis,Beggs and Howard; Belinda Carlisle.

Ollie Collins as well as a selection of Manchester's finest musicians, play a myriad of contemporary Jazz, Soul and Latin originals. On his debut album, Ollie orchestrates this melodic groove ride with instruments from the bass guitar family. The piccolo bass and alto sax played by Simon Willescroft articulate the hookey melodies, whilst live drums, latin percussion and acoustic bass grooves drive the foundation.

This album is a must if you like Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, Quincy Jones, Mondo Grosso, Graham Cental Station or even Prince!

Featured musicians

Ollie Collins - Bass, Vocals, Keys, Guitar

Simon Willescroft - Saxophone

Dave Walsh -Drums

Jeremy Sassoon - Keys

Rosie Douglas - Vocals

Leigh Mullen - Percussion

Colin McLeod - Keys

Greg Morgan - Drums

Matt Swindells - Drums


Tutor Book

 "An Introduction to The Bass Guitar" by Ollie Collins

An Introduction To The Bass Guitar By Ollie Collins

An Introduction To The Bass Guitar Tutor Book

Click Here For Details See examples and listen to audio snippets.


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