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Bass by email

Simply email your rough mix, minus bass, as a high quality stereo Mp3 file attachment. OR contact me to arrange an alternative method to send the track.
If you want me to play a pre-composed bass line, include a second track in your email with a synth/guide bass. I can transcribe the bass line by ear or you can email me a notated/scored bass part if you wish.

Also in your email, please specify what the recording is going to be used for and how many tracks you would like me to add bass to. I can then cost the project by return email. Please see scroll down to view the price guide. .

Preparing the track before sending:

1) Pan the drums and click track (if possible) to one side and the rest of the track to the other.

2) Include a click count in before the song.

3) Tempo information.

Suggestions you may wish to include:

Any stylistic, performance or instrument suggestions
- see instruments/sounds page

MP3 audio examples of styles - you might have a song in mind which typifies the style of bass you require

After laying down ideas, bass lines and sounds, you will be sent an MP3 with a bass part included in the mix for your approval. At this time, you may request any specific changes. Upon receiving confirmation of payment, a separate file(s) of the full and complete bass performance, with the requested revisions, will be available for download and import to your system. If you have a slow connection, the files can be burned on a CD and mailed to you.
As standard, the bass files will be created in the .wav format, other audio file types can be formatted on request.

Bass Session

Prices ( from 2019-2020)

Single Song

£70 (GBP) per single song/track. The price also includes a "buy out" for writing points.

Album (minimum of 5 songs)

The above rates apply with a discount of 20% per track for 5 or more songs.

Payment is accepted by Paypal, personal cheque and bank transfer. Funds will have to be cleared before the separate bass track is sent.

Contact me via email to get started


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Ollie Collins Bass Player